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  • What is home dog boarding?
    Home dog boarding means your dog comes to stay at our house and lives as part of the family. It maintains your dog's routine in a similar home from home environment, reducing any stress and anxiety they may feel being away from you. It's a kinder alternative to a boarding kennel as your dog has constant company, regular walks and playtime and is loved and cared for as if our own.
  • Are you insured? What does it cover?
    Yes. We have full public liability insurance for £5m, accident and injury cover incuding emergency vet, transport cover and loss of keys. You are welcome to see a copy of the policy schedule on request.
  • Does my dog have to be vaccinated?
    We are required by law to prove that boarded dogs have current vaccinations against Canine Distemper, Infectious Canine Hepatitis (Canine adenovirus), Leptospirosis (L. canicola and L.icterohaemorrhagicae) and Canine Parvovirus. This protects the health of your own dog and others and minimises the risk of any cross contamination. Please provide a copy of your vaccination record before the start of the stay. Your dog must also be on regular prevention treatment for ticks, fleas and worms. If you have any concerns we can discuss this at the meet & greet.
  • Do you accept all breeds of dog?
    We are happy to accept all dogs, large and small, except those listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and Wolf Hybrids).
  • How many dogs do you board at the same time?
    According to our council license we are allowed to care for up to 6 dogs at the same time and we balance this between boarders and daycare guests (it usually works out about half and half). This works best with our space and ensures the safety of your dog so that we are able to provide the best care at all times. If you prefer sole exclusive boarding for your dog, this can be arranged upon availability and subject to a supplementary fee.
  • What happens at the Meet & Greet? Why is it necessary?
    The meet & greet is an important first step to see if home boarding is a match for your dog and us. It's a chance for you to see where your dog will be staying (making sure it's up to their usual high standards!) and to meet us. You'll tell us all about your dog (while they run around the house and garden like crazy!) and we'll ask eachother questions to make sure we can give your furkid the best care possible for a successful stay. And most importantly it's about making sure the star of the show likes us and feels comfortable in our home.
  • What information do I need to give you about my dog?
    All new clients are required to fill in a registration form giving all the basic information, plus details about your dog's care, food, routine, behaviour etc. Having more information about your dog is better than too little and ensures we can give your dog the best care and adhere to their usual routine for a stress-free stay. You will also need to provide a copy of your dog's vaccination record, which is a legal requirement for licensed home boarding establishments. We will also ask you to sign a consent form, which allows me to perform first aid (including canine CPR) in the event of an emergency or illness. These forms will be sent to you upon confirmation of the booking.
  • What happens if my dog becomes ill or has an emergency?
    We are certified practitioners of canine first aid, accredited by the Kennel Club. We can respond to any emergency in the first instance, including canine CPR, or give basic medical care should your dog fall ill while in our care. We will always endeavour to take you dog to its usual vet, however in an emergency it may be necessary to go to the nearest available. You will be notified immediately and kept up to date with developments. As dog's are classed as personal property you will need to sign our consent form if you agree to us giving your dog first aid.
  • Do you take puppies?
    We love a puppy as much as the next person but we've decided not to board dogs who are less than a year old. However, if your pup is very well behaved, socialised, fully house trained and mature beyond their years then let's arrange a meet & greet!
  • What do I need to bring for my dog's stay?
    We aim to be your dog's second home but it's always nice to have your own things around you. We encourage you to bring your dog's own lead, bed, blankets, food bowls, toys etc. This helps them to feel relaxed and still connected to you while you're away. But don't worry if you forget something, we have plenty of clean spares!
  • Why do I have to bring my dog's own food?
    It's best for your dog that they are fed the same food they eat at home. This avoids any upset or illness due to change in diet. Please bring with you enough food for the duration of the stay. You are also welcome to bring your dog's usual treats.
  • Where is my dog allowed to go in your home?
    Your dog is free to roam around and find their favourite spot. We have a lounge, dining room, kitchen and utility, a home office, 3 bedrooms and a garden. We don't generally allow the dogs in the bathrooms (unless it's for a bath1) and we don't let the dogs sleep on our beds. Other than that they are free to roam around but chances are they'll be wherever we are!
  • Where will my dog sleep at your house?
    It's good to stick to your dog's usual routine as much as possible so let us know where they normally sleep at home so we can replicate their normal sleeping space.
  • Is your garden secure?
    Yes. The garden is fully walled on two sides and high fenced on the other, with a permanently bolted gate. There is a large deck with an outdoor seating area and plenty of space for play and naps in the sunshine. We have artifical grass which we hose down daily and disinfect!
  • Where do you walk the dogs?
    There are several lovely walks around Ingress Park including along the river Thames, a large terraced green in front of Ingress Abbey and a Heritage Trail through the woods and parts of the original Capability Brown lanscaped gardens at the back of the Abbey. There are also several country parks just a short drive away for a change of scene. All our walking routes are very safe, on easy, comfortable terrain and always lots to sniff!
  • Do you walk off-lead?
    We prefer to walk on-lead only. If anything should happen where you dog suddenly runs off - they might be startled or feel unsure about being in a new environment - it would be devastating for all of us. That said, we know that some dogs just need to run! We can discuss this at the meet & greet and assess any potential risks together. As a precaution, all our dog guests will be given a Ruffles ID tag during their stay, so should the unthinkable happen then we will be the first point of contact.
  • Do you have set drop off and pick up times?
    Since we live in a quiet residential area we try to keep it between reasonable hours, eg. 8am - 8pm. However, if you have any concerns, please let us know and we'll do our best to fit with your schedule.
  • How can I make a booking and when do I pay?
    You can contact us through the website, by phone or email to check availability and arrange a meet & greet. If all goes well and you hopefully decide to go ahead and book with us you will need to pay the total fees or a deposit before the booking dates are secured for you. For all stays of 5 days or less we require payment in full at the time of booking. For stays taking place within 30 days of the booking date we require payment in full at the time of booking. For stays beyond 30 days of the booking date we require a 50% deposit to be made at the time of booking to secure the dates. See our cancellation policy for information about refunds. Payment can be made via bank transfer, PayPal, cheque or cash.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We understand that plans change and we try to be as flexible as possible. We will offer a full refund as long as notice is given 7 days before the start of the stay. Any notice given thereafter will receive a 50% refund.
  • Do you have a dog of your own?
    Although we are massive dog lovers, we do not currently have a dog of our own. After 12 years together, Macy, our beloved Beagle, passed away in 2016 and she left such big paws to fill we haven't felt the time is right to have another one of our own yet. That's why we have a lot of love to give and will treat your pup as if they are our own.
  • Do you have children?
    Whilst we don't have any children of our own, if your dog likes children we do have the occasional visit from nieces and nephews who love to meet and play with our doggy guests!
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